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Actocracy Cross Platform Promotion With AI
We are built on efficiency, profitability, integrity and convenience
We have no room for mediocrity and ordinariness, only working tools and colossal digital opportunities
We use
and AI
of earning money for completing tasks
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How to Start Earning
Get Active Be Active
Earn $DIMP Token
Swap $DIMP for Money
The social side of Actocracy is the opportunity to earn online without investing a dime. Billions of $DIMP rewards are waiting to be distributed among the most active members of the community — participate in campaigns and quests to start earning real income for your digital actions
Run your own partnership substructures to earn meaningful income from referrals
Build your influence and power to have the greatest impact, get elected to state governments, distribute funds from the state treasury — make your voice count. Or simply earn as a leader
$DIMP is the space transportation for your digital ambitions. Explore the ecosystem and its unique opportunities in the real world
Pay for your social media promotion campaigns
Generate revenue from completed tasks and quests
Earn from the referral structure
Collectively allocate budgets with DAO
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