Incarnating the

What is Actocracy

Actocracy is a web3 mobile game of land ownership, politics, communities and cultures — powered by assets with real-world utilities.

NFT Lands covering all the Earth’s surface act as a network of sovereign Actocratic States with their own economic, social and political life —
fully-governed by its population of residents, citizens and regularly elected Government.

The space, where self-governed decentralized communities interact, directly affecting the real world around them.

  • Explore the real Earth, communicate, vote, accumulate and govern Treasury assets
  • Earn and export Soulbound achievements, co-build networks of trust

Users explore the Earth by checking in to different Lands, no matter their real location*; earning Soulbound (SBT) achievements, minting DACT for their activity

Users, physically located within Land’s borders (real locals), mint much more DACT for the same amount of activity

  • Convert your simple in-app activity into real income and representative power, with the help of checkin2earn and act2impact game mechanics
  • Develop real and virtual geobased communities, benefit from their activity

DACT can be converted into voting power for democratic Elections and Referendums, or delegated to state treasuries to become a citizen and gain the ability to earn highly valuable DIMP assets from other users’ geo-related activity

  • Claim, trade and upgrade Land NFTs bonded to real places

Unique Land NTFs represent real-world locations on the Earth. Unique decomposable property rights allow Landlords to collect DIMP Tithe proportional to other users’ Land-related activity and to participate in Land auction trading. Such property rights could be earned, purchased, transfered or even decomposed if public consensus is reached

  • Participate — run — fund — crowdfund different types of Social Campaigns

DIMP is used to run different types of Land-related Social Campaigns, helping organizers to: spread the brightest ideas, fund local initiatives, gain audience and appreciation, promote local merchants and creators, quickly respond to emergencies — therefore impacting on the most pressing social and environmental issues, together with locals, and others, who care


Check-in to Earn

Through Game-Fi elements and the checkin2earn model as the core mechanic, Actocracy provides millions with a tool to convert their simple in-app activity into real income

While the act2impact set of social mechanics allows users to impact their surroundings with the power and pace of cryptocurrency flows


Reality Beyond Illusion

Actocracy is not another Metaverse project simulating real life, but a Blockchain-based layer of mixed reality supplementing the real-world experience.

Modern Mixed Reality tech stack combined with unique Game-Fi and Social-Fi mechanics form a brand new method of interaction with the environment we all live in.


Significant portion of DIMP generated by users goes towards solving social and environmental problems.

All funds used to impact on the most pressing local issues are being distributed by user communities themselves — making a difference on a global scale.

Locally-oriented. Effective. Precisely targeted.


  • Through the game we empower people, providing them with access to new digital tools to directly impact their lives, their environment and the whole world